Safehome Systems, Inc.

Our mission:

To empower and advocate for victims and survivors of domestic, dating and sexual violence and to work towards a violence free community.


Outreach Advocate

Ashly Morris

The outreach advocate goes out into the community to educate people on our services and to make sure that a person knows where to turn to if they are going through a domestic violence, sexual violence, or dating violence situation. They also provide individual counseling and support groups to victims and survivors.

Executive Director

Tamy Mann

Court Advocate and Counselor

Mary Downer

Mary provides court advocacy and support at the shelter, and also during the court process. If you need any information about options or information and referral concerning the court process, Mary is happy to help you. She also provides counseling to sexual violence survivors.

Residential Advocate

Sherrie Morton

The residential advocate is here for you during your stay at Safehome. If you need any information or referrals to other services, you can ask them. They provide individual counseling and support groups to our shelter residents. They can provide information on local resources and help answer any questions you may have. They are also responsible for keeping the shelter maintained.

Safehome Systems, Inc. Board of Directors

Julie Jennings, Ph.D., Advisor
Jill Barnett, President
Betsy Arrit, Vice President 
Teenie Kegley, Treasurer 
Lisa Day, Secretary

Tracey Spangler
Juan Roldan
Reverend Bill Hartsfield
Samantha Ricci
Lana Kemper

Crisis Intervention Advocate

Jennifer Chambers

The crisis intervention advocate provides crisis intervention services to Safehome clients, both at the shelter, and over phone. The crisis intervention advocate also assists in providing supportive services for shelter residents.